Solid solutions 

  The Hand-power you need for work development.  


 Bridges to the Future 


We are a company with much experience in Concrete Structures works, performed all kinds of works in reinforced concrete in Portugal and France. We are also taking the first steps in the industrial assembly of pipes and some equipment.

We want to mark our work to satisfy our customers by the quality, time, security and trust.

With a technical team, which is also dedicated to ensuring the smooth progress of work, planned and organized. We are also an example in work teams management, always knowing act in the best way to help our customers, guaranteed maximum efficiency of daily production.

With the experience gained in the construction sector, we have had great success together of our customers as trusted partners. Particularly in the formwork, steel assembly, trowel work, and already with some assemblies in industry.

We dare to say that this time will be an added value for our customers, for large companies with great challenges, we are rather a temporary employment agency but a forward-looking company and trust.